Therapist and child laughing

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

ABA is the evidence-based application of behavioral principles to teach new behavior, such as communication or social skills. Grove focuses on community integration, socially relevant skills for each unique family, and strength-based skill building.

Daily Living Skills (DLS)

A focus on the growth of skills that increase independence in the home and community across areas such as: self-care, home skills, community skills, and leisure skills.

School Consultation

Varies based on local school district policies. May include assessment, teacher training, or direct therapy in the school setting.

Respite Care

This service provides hardworking caregivers with a break so they can return to their child feeling refreshed.

Parent Coaching

It is paramount that parents are involved in therapy and feel knowledgeable about their child’s new skills. Parent coaching is required at least once monthly, but encouraged and available as often as once a week.

Healthy Relationships Classes

Designed to support our tweens and teens, Grove’s Healthy Relationships classes are fun social learning in a group setting. Offered both in person and online depending on class size and schedule.

Grove Behavioral Services team member conducting a parent coaching session